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An enterprise SEO strategy should be simple and concise. As a larger organization, you likely have the domain authority and brand recognition to rank for high-level key phrases that will drive traffic in sales. In this blog, we’re going to cover what we here at Simplified Impact recommend for our larger clients who are looking to increase their organic traffic.

SEMrush, Keywords Everywhere, and SERP

Let’s talk tools-

A discussion about SEO would be incomplete without SEMrush. In our opinion, this is the most complete and comprehensive SEO tool you can buy. If you have a content marketing team on staff or work with an agency, SEMrush should be a critical part of your keyword & competitor research. There are other tools like Moz and ahrefs that provide great information but if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, SEMrush can’t be beaten. We’ll be using SEMrush for the keyword research we do in this blog, along with keywords everywhere. Find pricing info here.

Keywords everywhere is an invaluable tool for anybody who does SEO. It’s a basic chrome extension that allows you to see related keywords, trend charts, and PASF (people-also-search-for) for free. It also displays the same type of UI below inside of YouTube so you can see the tags related to whatever video(s) you’re working on. By the way, YouTube SEO is extremely underleveraged. Stay tuned for a blog around that topic soon.

Keywords everyw
Here’s what it looks like in your SERP

SERP or search-engine-results page should be the backbone of the research you complete before writing something. As SEOs, sometimes we neglect our SERP because we get overly invested in the various tools we use for researching. Googling the keyphrase you want to rank for and critiquing the quality/ structure of the high-ranking content will give you everything you need to produce something of superior.

Branded Traffic

A common question we hear is “what percentage of my organic traffic should be branded?” SEMrush did a great blog explaining where branded traffic comes from, if you have questions about that I encourage you to read here and then come back when you’re up to speed.

If you’re an enterprise company that has decent brand recognition, then you likely already have decent if not great brand visibility. This is great, but you’re into enterprise SEO strategies that means you’re into getting in the faces of new customers. There are incredible brands out there who get nearly 90% of their organic traffic from non-branded keywords & users.

Personally, I believe your “right” percentage branded and non-branded traffic is entirely dependant on your industry. The question you should be asking yourself is: what type of information is the most valuable to my current consumer. If you’re Nike, which has an incredible catalog of work that consumers are interested in learning more about, your branded keywords are likely more valuable to your audience. As a Nike consumer myself I think that the search phrase “the history of the Nike Air Max” is more interesting than something like “best outdoor basketball shoes.”


Non-Branded Traffic

Your non-branded traffic should be dedicated to providing information that would be useful both to people who know you and people who don’t. You don’t want to forget about the people who already support you, because chances are they have a lot of similarities to the people who will be supporting you in the future.

A Holistic Approach to SEO

Holistic SEO
I can’t take credit for this awesome visual that represents what holistic SEO means. Check out Mind Stream Media Group for some great content!

Creating high-quality content will always be the cornerstone of every great SEO strategy. However, as an enterprise business/ cooperation you’re site probably has a lot of moving parts. Ensuring that your site health is optimal and your backlinks are of the highest quality will play a key role in whether or not you can stand up to your competitors. For instance, if a page takes more than about 3-5 seconds to load, half of your prospective audience will simply bounce off. 

There’s no point in creating all of that great content just for the site to load. Please work with your dev team to ensure that all elements of UI/UX are optimized to give your users the best on-page experience possible.

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