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Why Simplified?

The Simplified Impact team has an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and various other data aggregates. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of professionals develop campaigns and action plans based solely on information gathered from our comprehensive reporting.

Make Key Strategic Business Decisions Based on Rock-Solid Data

With a seemingly unending flow of numbers, complex data sets can seem confusing and overwhelming. We understand that these numbers are meaningless without a plan, and we transform the data into an action plan with measurable results. Simply put, we turn insights into ROI. 

What to Expect:

  • Comprehensive reports
  • Transparent Campaign Performance
  • Full, administrative access to all data sources
  • KPI’s to ensure results

Our Steps To Success:

Our Steps to Success: 

Step 1: Audit

  • First things first, we ensure that the information tracking codes are drawing from the right sources. There’s no point in making decisions off of inaccurate data sets. We audit your existing tracking to see what needs to be better optimized.

Step 2: Strategy

  • Once we know we are tracking accurate data, we come up with an action plan based on your goals. We then turn those goals into KPI’s to be achieved throughout the course of our campaigns

Step 3: Implementation

  • We begin executing our action plan to achieve the designated short term KPI’s

Step 4: Reporting

  • We show you our results on a weekly basis and make our recommendations as clear and pragmatic as possible.

Step 5: Optimization

  • Based on our week-to-week performance, the action plan is continuously refined to make the process as quick and efficient as we can.