When organic traffic just isn’t enough, there are paid advertising campaigns that take your message to the next level. Maybe you have a big sale coming up, or a promotional event you want to reach a larger audience; in instances like these, you may want to give your message an extra push through the help of our paid content.

Through the use of several different marketing platforms, we create stunning optimized ads to maximize your ROAS. Whether it be setting up display ads or pay per click campaigns, we focus on maximizing your ROAS (return on ad spend) at every level of your funnel.

Before deciding to start your ad campaign, we ask you these questions. 

  • What are your advertising goals?

    • How much are you willing to spend/ how much are you hoping to make)
    • Before throwing money into the air, you need to have a basic understanding of the end goal in mind
  • What are you promoting?

    • Is the product or service you are promoting worth promoting in the first place, or is there something identical on the market already?
    • What makes your service different from the rest?
  • Who is your target market?

    • Who are you hoping buys your product or services?
    • How does your target market traditionally buy similar products?
  • Who are your competitors?

    • Are your competitors paying for advertising campaigns?
    • How can you learn what to do (or what not to do) based on the information you gather from your competitors?
  • What is your budget?

    • How much can you afford to spend?
    • How much can you afford not to spend?

If you are having trouble answering any of these questions, we can help!

Paid traffic alone should not be the main goal. In addition to ads, creating great content that is focused on driving quality organic sessions will be key for long term success.

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